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Prof. Dr. Giovanni Pellacani

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Pellacani from the University of Modena,

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Chairman of Dermatology, has conducted a large study on the connection between DNA analysis and skin care, proving that a genetic weakness in one's own defense against skin damage can be influenced or even repaired with precisely defined active ingredients. 

Based on this study and our personal acquaintance with Prof. Dr. Pellacani, we have developed a cosmetic line that can be used very specifically and successfully with or without DNA analysis.

diploma tilly babor 07 july 1951.jpg

The grandchildren of the 

world-famous Dr. Babor 

with the development of highly concentrated special products.

Their innovative knowledge of cosmetics and insights from medicine offer a sustainable and precise solution for almost every skin condition. With active ingredient-rich recipes made from natural and particularly effective high-tech ingredients, we set the highest standards of effectiveness.

Through these direct connections we have also succeeded in producing the products

without intermediaries

to bring it to the customer and so we can provide these unique products with one

 offer exceptional value for money.



Anti-age moisturizer: 

the thirst quencher for the skin

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Soothing care

Protective tone lifting

California Concept Calming Products


Skin renewal

Smoothing facial wrinkles

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Cell protection technology


photo lifting.jpg


Skin refinement

Clear, pore-deep, balancing

photo purity.jpg


Anti-aging begins

when cleaning

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The optimal supplement with highly effective effectiveness

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Rediscover the beauty revolution

Our long and intensive search for a suitable partner in Europe who shares our expectations for natural ingredients with the highest level of effectiveness and tolerability was finally successful at the end of 2017. 

For over 50 years, our partner has been researching the secrets of nature in order to translate this knowledge into high-quality care products. Nature and science are combined to develop highly effective and innovative formulations. Best quality ingredients are used, which are primarily of plant origin. Natural phyto-extracts and high-tech active ingredients are combined so that we can offer targeted solutions for various skin problems and beauty needs.

Tests ensure the purity and effectiveness of the products, and the high quality and purity requirements as well as complete controls ensure a high level of safety and quality.

Our credo: sustainable interaction with nature.

It is important for us to treat nature carefully and to be grateful for the precious active ingredients that nature gives us. The main focus of our partner is to use renewable raw materials.

We do without:

  •  Silicones

  •  Mineral oils

  •  Paraffins and paraffin derivatives

  •  Parabens

  •  Raw materials of animal origin


And of course 

We're happy to forego it

on animal testing.

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