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5 - HTP

With zinc

The extract obtained from the African black bean (Griffon simplicifolia) is rich in 5-hydroxytryphtophan (5-HTP). As a direct precursor to serotonin (happiness hormone), the amino acid ensures healthy serotonin levels. This stands for a good mood and feeling of happiness, stress and anxiety are reduced, sensitivity to pain is reduced and cravings are under control.

Composition (per daily dose): 

50mg Griffon seed extract, cellulose and hypermellose in capsule shell.

Dosage: 1 capsule in the morning or as recommended

CHF 32.00


Plant fiber powder

Detoxification & Energy flow in natural form. Psyllium husks and baobab fruit powder balance digestion, while nettle leaves help purify and detoxify. Wheatgrass supports the intestinal flora. The high proportion of the green leaf pigment chlorophyll makes the pasture grass an excellent antioxidant.


Organic wheat grass (barley grass), organic psyllium husks, organic nettle powder, organic baobab fruit powder.


Stir 2 measuring cups of the detox mixture into 1\4 liters of cold water twice a day and drink or consume yoghurt mixed into muesli.

CHF 19.00


mineralien capsules

A combination of grüner healing clay, Dolomites and zinc. Due to its composition, the healing clay has a very large surface area, which means that it can contain a variety of liquids, gases, etcd Bind, absorb and excrete acids, but also bacteria and toxins.


Zink (gluconate), dolomite mineral powder, green mineral clay, modified cellulose (capsule shell)


2 chasubles twice a day between meals

CHF 36.00

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