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Collagen light therapy

Significant reduction of wrinkles and fine lines - and much more. . .


From the age of 25, the body's own production of natural collagen, which is responsible for firm and elastic skin, decreases significantly.

The collagen fibers are negatively influenced and weakened by bacteria and fluids and limits their effect.

This process is also accelerated in people who are under severe stress or who smoke. The consequences are sagging skin, cellulite or wrinkles.

The Collagen Bodywave

stops skin aging and reactivates its natural

Collagen production from within.

Through specially developed Collagen Activator Lamps A photo-stimulation process is activated with a radiation maximum and a wavelength of 633nm.


Through this process 

the body's own collagen and elastin are activated to form new ones.

Photo-stimulation is an absolutely natural process that works very similarly to photosynthesis in plant cells. Human cells also have light receptors.


The integrated vibration plate (Power Plate)

increases detoxification, fat and calorie burning and improves blood circulation in the vessels. Cellulite can be effectively improved by tightening the connective tissue. All muscles from the legs to the stomach and back are trained in a way that is gentle on the joints. For young and old.

And here are the results in the area of anti-aging/anti-cellulite:

  • Significant reduction of wrinkles and fine lines

  • Strengthening and tightening of the skin

  • Refinement of pores

  • Radiant complexion and healthier skin

  • Visible improvement in cellulite

  • Higher skin moisture

  • Improving blood circulation in the vessels

  • With regular use up to 30% more oxygen in the blood 

  • Reduction of spider veins/varicose veins

  • Reduction of water in the tissue

  • Optimal absorption of cosmetic products by the skin

  • Circumference reduction


The Collagen Bodywave also helps to reduce:

  • Joint pain/cramps

  • Osteoarthritis complaints

  • Herpes/acne

  • Increasing general well-being through light therapy

  • Anti-depressant effect

~Collagen Light Therapy

     Individual treatment. . .  38.-- 

     Subscription 10 x  . . .  330.--

     Subscription 20 x  . . .  600.--

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