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is completely painless.
Facial hair removal for ladies is not just about
removing the annoying baby fluff, but
also ensure an even and radiant complexion.​

What does dermaplaning do?

Dermaplaning is not just about removing noticeable facial hair. The technique can be used to remove the small baby hair or fluff that tends to be found on the cheeks or above the upper lip. This alone makes the complexion appear fresher and more radiant. Because: If you look closely in the mirror, you can see that it is precisely these thin, barely noticeable hairs that cover areas of the skin. In addition, when applying make-up, powder and make-up get stuck in it - the complexion doesn't look really smooth. However, the skin only gets a glow if it can fully reflect the incident light.

It doesn't work with powdered fuzz on your face.


But dermaplaning has another effect. The scalpel also removes dead skin cells, similar to a peeling. This also makes the facial skin look rosier, because there is new, young skin cells under the scales that can now get more oxygen and work more efficiently. In addition, after a dermaplaning treatment, the skin absorbs all active ingredients from skin care products better - serums, masks and creams have an even more intensive effect.


Benefits of dermaplaning at a glance:

•  Hair on the face disappear

•  Dead skin cells are removed

•  Complexion appears more even and radiant and the skin appears rejuvenated. make-up can be applied more evenly

•  Glowing appearance

•  Active ingredients are better absorbed by the skin

•  Can counteract skin blemishes

The myth that hair grows back stronger and faster is completely unfounded. Hair growth begins in the root, which is not affected here and so the hair grows at the same speed and strength as pre-programmed.

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