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Brochure Endermologie 1.png
Brochure Endermologie 1.png


lymphatic drainage

Brochure Endermologie 1.png


body plate

— 45 minutes of relaxation with an effective goal!

— Relax and still get one step closer to your dream figure? Mechanical lymphatic drainage makes this possible.

— Drainage, purification and detoxification of the entire organism. Cellulite, varicose veins, spider veins and lumps in the tissue are visibly reduced.Tissue water (lymph) is set in motion (lymph nodes draw the liquid via lymphatic channels to the filter stations) Circumference reduction (thighs, buttocks, waist, stomach....) has a positive effect on metabolism.

— Increased urge to urinate, natural cleansing of the body.

Body Plate.png

The Body Plate is used as a supplement and support to the Endermology treatment. This significantly improves treatment success and shortens treatment times. 

Fewer treatments - lower costs for customers - greatest successes in the fight against cellulite.


The Body Plate has so far only been used in fitness centers exclusively as a training device. Using the Body Plate before each Endermology treatment helps to reduce the bond between the lower layers of tissue, so that more movement between the tissue layers can be activated with Endermology. In addition, blood circulation is greatly stimulated, which has a positive effect on the subsequent Endermology treatment using the BodyPlate.

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