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Permanent make up

Because of

1)  a thorough training in Switzerland and California (Hollywood and Beverly Hills)

2)  many years of experience 

3)  continuous keeping up with the latest developments



offers an excellent permanent makeup treatment.

Over the years she has earned the trust of very many very satisfied customers and the enthusiasm of these customers who have experienced the convincing results of her work is a great confirmation of her perfection. 

During a personal consultation, she will discuss your individual ideas and wishes with you, and we will all do our best to realize them to your complete satisfaction.

We only use LaBina® pigment colors.

These do not contain iron oxide pigments, which in our experience can often change the color of the brow pigmentation from brown to orange/reddish within just a few months. If brow pigmentation is already reddish, this can in some cases be corrected and improved by repeatedly overdrawn with our pigmentation colors become. Sometimes it can be difficult to achieve the desired results.

No restrictions on MRI examinations.

Over the last few years, we have been hearing more and more frequently about cases in which doctors refuse planned MRI examinations if they learn from the patient during a conversation before treatment that they have a tattoo or permanent make-up with colors containing iron oxide. The reason for the rejection is that during an MRI scan the patient's body is exposed to very strong magnetic fields. Pigmentation with iron-containing colors can heat up uncomfortably during the MRI examination and cause redness and minor burns. This is because the attraction of the magnets attracts the iron-containing particles in the pigment colors under the skin and causes them to vibrate.

You are on the safe side when pigmenting with LaBina® pigment colors because they do not contain any pigments with iron oxides. 

In the event of an upcoming medical examination, reference can be made to the ingredients of our pigment colors using our analysis evaluations.

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