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Silk thread lifting


without needles!
simply !

The new technology now in our studio.

The threads for this treatment

are made from the silkworm protein fibroin, which is the main component of silk and is the size of nanoparticles.

Through a cosmetic treatment The active ingredient penetrates the skin and tightens it.

The skin appears younger, more elastic and firmer.

Wrinkles are reduced Pores shrink.

Immediately visible results.

Immediately socially acceptable.

Also suitable for neck and hands.

Lasts up to 8 months after 2-3 treatments

What is silk thread lifting?

— It is a painless, non-invasive treatment without needles and

provides tightening of the face, neck and Cleavage.

— Its origin, like so many beauty Innovations in recent years, is in South Korea.

— The active ingredients in nano form, are dissolved and so introduced 

 to the fibroblasts and Fibrocytes.

— Fibroblasts are the main cells of the skin and for the firmness and density of the skin

essential. The chain of silk threads now deal with these, wrinkles are filled and sagging tissue is strengthened.

— The main component of the silk threads is the Silkworm fibroin protein sericin.

What results can be expected:

    • Immediately visible results

    • Improve skin elasticity & strength

    • Reduction of wrinkles

    • Moisturization of the skin

    • Pore refinement

    • Optimization of dermal density

    • Improving facial contours by building volume

    • Younger appearance

    • No downtime

    • Immediately socially acceptable

    • Also ideal for men!

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