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Cosmetic teeth whitening

Nowadays, beautiful white teeth are an important sign of a particularly healthy and attractive appearance. Frequent consumption of color-intensive foods such as cola, tea, coffee or wine, as well as smoking, inevitably causes your teeth to become discolored.


We can fulfill your desire for white teeth quickly, gently and in a safe way. The  unique system is gentle on the teeth, neither aggressive nor damaging to tooth enamel and very efficient. 

Our system consists of a high-quality LED lamp and a gel specially developed for the teeth. This contains an active bleaching agent that is activated with the help of the lamp. It penetrates gently  into the tooth surface and directly brightens the discolored tooth enamel. 

This form of cosmetic teeth whitening is safe and has no side effects.


before                            afterwards

In three short sessions totaling just 45 minutes, the teeth are whitened between 2 - 6 shades, gently and without side effects.

The result is visible immediately after the treatment 

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